growing innovation from diversity

Zaina is the founder of RainDiversity, where she heads the strategic development and communication.  She is a marine enthusiast that writes on behalf of the marine life through her own children's book.

As a certified Creative Genius Facilitator from Aalborg University, Zaina is passionate about cultivating creative and inventive competences in her leadership training programs. She also finds a meaningful purpose in bridging knowledge among groups of diverse people from across sectors who are determined to make a positive change towards sustainable innovation.

RainDiversity Team

Zaina Ibrahim  

Founder | CEO | Leading For Innovation Specialist


Anders Fjordvald Christensen  

Partner | Director of Partnership


Anders leads and activates RainDiversity's sustainability projects, and has been responsible for outreach and business development.

He is a globalist that is competent in areas of geopolitics, sustainability, urban culture, innovation and development





Our team


Rain Diversity - CVR-nr: 39630532

Michaela's specialty is the process and the facilitating of creativity, with a special focus on the innovation process.

She holds a double-degree master in Innovation Management with interest in motivational efforts, business models and overall strategies.

Søren handles creative production of photo and video as well as ideation on the creative development of Rain Diversity.

He is an avid photographer and videographer who loves to spend time in nature, where he gathers inspiration, shoots material and performs triathlon training.

Søren Würtz Bredahl Creative Director

Michaela Holst

Innovation Consultant |  Creative Facilitator