growing innovation from diversity


Rain Diversity focuses strongly on quality education.

The way we learn influences the progress made at communal local, regional, national and global level. Consequently, we believe a change in education has the potential to change the world.

The teaching and learning environment should, in our view, cultivate creative and innovative thinking skills. The social, cultural and disciplinary framework of education should ensure 'no experienced judgement'.

No background is disqualifying and no idea is without value.


The unlimited knowledge application theory of creativity from Aalborg University is our core competence and therefore we are advocating to love your ideas, hence love yourself!

One of our humble contribution to reach the 2030 global goals, is that we engage students about UN SDG's through the lense of creativity, inclusion and openness to diversity.

Below you can see our gallery for education-related projects.


Rain Diversity has worked with Aalborg University's Study Board for Cross-Cultural Studies in efforts to strengthen the Problem Based Learning model.

We interviewed a panel of thesis-writing Tourism students after their participation in our 2019 Sustainable Solution Camp to learn about their experience with PBL.

Rain Diversity - CVR-nr: 39630532

From hands-on experience we have learned that facilitated play and research-based exercises can benefit a diverse group of students in several ways.

They allow themselves to be more creative as we help break down judgement and other barriers to expression. We see how popular and less popular kids are creating together. Children become energized by physical activities and research suggests activity increases concentration.

Call or write us today to start the process of getting a tailored option for your school or institution. Every project we make will be a little different since we, just like our participants, are learning everyday and all situations have unique needs.