RainDiversity, May 6 2019

New ways, creative ways

by,  Anders Fjordvald Christensen

There is a need for a new way of working. One that isn’t confined to old premises of time or politics – that being all kinds and levels of politics. Where we can freely cast our ideas into the common hat, without judging ourselves and others. These are fast times, and they are fast because we have built a fast society, a fast economy, our technology is getting faster, but also because we need to work differently and towards different objectives than earlier.

The earth as we know it, is history. Nature is volatile and so is our shared future in it. The planet doesn’t need us. So for our own sake, we need to do things in other ways, and those ways better be sustainable, in the very essence of that word. We need to develop ideas, solutions and a society that is entirely constructive, rather than destructive.

Rain Diversity is all about inclusion. Inclusion of people, ideas and perspectives so that you, we, may be able to address our shared problems better and faster. We need to tap into our human core. We are not only the roles we play in our working lives, nor are we just the roles in our families or friend groups. Those will have to combine, because all the roles we play, are facing the same monumental issues. The same goes for everyone reading this. Everyone in the city and that country you are in. Just everyone.

Working together with everyone around the world, requires one to be able to work creatively across cultures, roles, age, etc. We need to work together as human beings. This is our vision – to help groups of people work better together while leaving out judgement and focusing on the matters at hand.

When you have an idea, you need to let it go. It doesn’t define you and you do not own it. Creativity needs no hinges, no anchor. All the finest creations and ideas of history come from letting them fly, great or horrible, just let them come, and letting them stand the test of time. Holding back is selfishness. In a time of need, or just in a time of trying to do something differently, be it inside your company or in your group of friends, just trying to find a place to eat.

Of course bad ideas exist, but we need to get them out of the way, so we can focus on the places that serve actual food at good prices, right? Somebody has to say McDonald’s, and then we can move past it, and recognize, it was just our collective indoctrination and minor addictions to things that are bad for us, which formed that idea. No judgement.

In the same way, there is a need to develop methods to alleviate the notion that we are defined by our ideas. We need to create more spaces where we can be free to say and think weird shit. Where we can come up with genuine out-of-the box innovations. Only when we remove judgement, our own as well as others’, may we freely create and communicate ideas previously beyond our reach.

So we need to play, to deconstruct so we can reconstruct, and toss caution to the wind, if we really want to experience change, in time.


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