Creativity training as a subject in school

RainDiversity, April 21 2021

By, Zaina Ibrahim In this gruesome process of impressing others, unfortunately, children forget to love their ideas hence forget to love themselves.

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New ways, creative ways

RainDiversity, May 6 2019

by,  Anders Fjordvald Christensen There is a need for a new way of working. One that isn’t confined to old premises of time or politics – that being all kinds and levels of politics. Where we can freely cast our ideas into the common hat, without judging ourselves and others. These are fast times, and they are fast because we have built a fast soci...

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Growing innovation from diversity                                 Mind the mindset

RainDiversity, April 18 2019

By, Zaina Ibrahim Most organizations agree that it is an extraordinary time now for innovation because the world is shifting to a multi-speed globalisation, where most leaders are gearing up for ‍The Fourth Industrial Revolution. However, in order to innovate, you need to collaborate with a lot of departments, slash silos. Each of these departments...

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